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July 18, 2009
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Vesper RTU by supersampled Vesper RTU by supersampled
"...Ok then, let's move on to the matter of mentioned earlier, the House of Ryan and there recent incursions into Vesper RTU, I hear Gomi himself has been monitoring the situation..."

"Sir, several incidents of harassment and aggression have been reported from hubs at Vesper RTU, 17 industrial facilities have also gone offline. The situation has indeed been monitored by Gomi and several hours ago he sent a Magniacapra squad to investigate.
Kushauwan intelligence believes this Vesper group whoever they may be, would put up little resistance to any official taskforce though. I believe Gomi is just taking precautions with the Magniacapra."

"The Magniacapra? I don't know, the fact that Gomi Kacylis and the Magniacapra are involved in this situation means that it's far more volatile than either of us could imagine. I even doubt this Vesper Group has anything to do with the House of Ryan at all."

"A pre-war strategy sir?"

"Almost certainly"


(above) Magniacapra forces meeting heavy resistance from the Vesper Group. :D

If you want to know more about the project or get involved, please follow this [link] and visit the information center to find out more.

Thanks for all the help and support from the people I've probably nagged and irritated over the last few weeks.

I'll be doing several wallpapers over the next few weeks to co-inside with the re-launch of the perfect burn as Method.

Please follow this [link] to get a version of this wall paper to fit your screen size. Whilst your there, be sure to check out information about the project as we are still looking for talented artists to work with.

As always, fav's, comments and watches are greatly appreciated.
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maurice1997 May 24, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
O.O wow
I do know that light and shadow in space are rather extreme without the diffusion effects of a gaseous medium through which light is refracted. Chiascuro lighting effects would create dramatic sharp light to shadow extremes in a vacuum, unless the light was reflected off of a nearby surface against anything which fell past the terminator line into the shadow mass. My eyes automatically go to the celestial bodies in the background so that I may gain a frame of reference for the travel of the light and the vector from which it originates. I seek the zone of tangency upon the hull of the craft in juxtaposition to those planets in the background, and it just does not seem to add up in my mind. I feel as if more of the ships should be illuminated if those planets have the sort of illumination implicit of the image itself. But it is all so gorgeous and dreamy that these inconsistencies are somehow mitigated when it comes to the overall wow factor of the image. It is sexy stuff! I hope this critique was useful.
supersampled Sep 9, 2010  Professional Filmographer
Thanks for the comments, although the image is a year old and I have since moved on somewhat in my approach to composition, i'll keep most of what you mentioned in mind.
As far as the lighting goes, are there multiple sources of light? Are any of the ships incandescent? The image leaves this unclear as is. Also, the planets in the background do not read as if they are objects suspended in a vacuum when it comes to the play of light against them, unless there are multiple sources of light.

I can imagine you totally wanting to show the shape of those proud hulls, but I would also suggest that you play with realistic lighting in a fashionable sort of way that allows you to imply the form of the ships in space rather than reveal them altogether. If I had appropriate modelling skills with a computer, I would add internal lights to the grooves and elements in each ship so that if most of the ship form fell past the terminator into shadow, I could still exhibit the awesomeness of the form with those ship interior windows and lights in the grooved parts of the ship. Also, it might be prudent to apply high intensity lamps and sensor equipment to the exterior of the ships if you want to leave their forms less occulted and still have an excuse in that sort of lighting, or allow the laser beams themselves to illuminate the hull as they blaze within inches of their intended targets.
supersampled Sep 9, 2010  Professional Filmographer
PhotoCopper (the brand name given to the orange/golden armoured ships) is self illuminescent and is probably the cause of some of the lighting inconsistencies that appear in the image.
The spacing of the ships seems somewhat strategically inconvenient at that sort of range, but I do not know much about space warfare. I do not know what speed these ships are advancing at, or what sorts of hardware capabilities they possess, or are up against, so for all I know, they are doing exactly what they should be exactly how they should be. I just get the feeling that your first priority as an illustrator and a modeller was to make sure the viewer of the image could see every single model in the image simultaneously. This does seem a bit 'forced' to me, however, I understand the decision you made to do it this way if my observation is correct. I would however go on and put forward that your badassery is noticeable regardless of what models can be seen in their entirety or not. So for dramatic effect lending to actual strategic warfare and unpredictable chaos, I would go on and say a 'kodak moment' peter parker-esque perfection of photo opportunity is not always the best approach to creating an inspiring composition for an illustration, if you would like to avoid allowing cheese or peculiar scrutiny to enter the process. I do want you to understand that I am in love with this image inside out, so I am not at all shooting it down. I am merely offering some food for thought in future such projects.
Gorgeous technique and remarkable models! If I might critique a small bit, I would lend you constructive criticism concerning the formation/positioning of the ship models in space during an engagement such as this, and the source of light striking all space bound objects.
AlexWearsHats Jul 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. I'm in awe. Superb work!
webname05 Jul 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing! Purely brilliant! Awesome!
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