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September 23, 2010
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Future History

20th Century AD

Man ventures into space and visits the Earth's Moon.

Various exploration vessels are sent to planets within Earth's Solar System.

2016 AD

The Sky Union is formed and with it the foundation of modern temporal science.

2034 AD

The first Tier (human genetically engineered to be smarter) is born.

2046 AD

The first Tier engineers the second generation of Tiers.

2070 AD

Cycles of mistrust, conflict and war ravage humanity as the full impact of Tiers to society is realised.

2080 AD

Majority of African and South American continent along with low lying landmasses now inhabitable as Green land ice sheet disappears.

2120 AD

Average human creativity, memory, problem solving ability, empathy and data processing continue rise exponentially as a result of ever improving technology and Tier-Human interbreeding

2190 AD

Rare Earth metals required for room temperature superconductors, Helium-3 and Lithium Hydrate mass extraction begins on the moon.

2240 AD

The end human pathogens follows in the wake of mass fabricators and nano technologies

Telepathy on Earth becomes a birthright.

2320 AD

Humanity is now a Type I civilisation

2512 AD

Humans first step foot on pluto, explore Kupier Objects

3008 AD

Large human habitats now exist at Earth Lagrangian points.

The number of humans currently living in space approaches the hundreds of thousands

3068 AD

Temporal Science predicts a mass extinction event on Earth.

3092 AD

Yellowstone Eruption

Greenland Ice sheets return for the first time in a thousand years.

3125 AD

The capablities of cultivated AI's and virtualised human personalities become indistingiable.

Rouge AI's cause havoc often manifesting themselfs as serious computer viruses.

3303 AD/0 SSC

The first faster than light (FTL) vessel is completed and demonstrated

The Sol Standard Cycle or SSC is defined for absolute time, time resets.


Manufacturing of FTL vessels and fuel begins.

29 SSC

The first FTL vessel leaves Earth bound for Procyon A for colonization.

30 SSC

The Shepard reaches Procyon A and begins human interplanetary colonization.

40 SSC

The Diaspora begins as dozens of ships carrying ever larger numbers of pilgrims leaves earth to form civilisations on new worlds.

879 SSC

By now, billions of humans are scattered throughout the galaxy, few thrive, many live barely surviving with countless colonies believed lost forever.

Efforts to continue a cohesive civilisation between human colonies fail as many worlds grow apart for thousands of years.

Extra terrestrial life is discovered thoughout the local star cluster, though less than expected.

Mankind enters a dark age as information communication and chronicling cease.

6,583 SSC

An ever increasing number of merchants connect a fractured and nomadic mankind.

10,032 SSC

The foundations are laid for the formation of an Interstellar Republic and negotiations between colonies commence.

The strain of physical travel increases the energy demands of mankind as a method for FTL communication has yet to be developed.

10,067 SSC

Scientists plan the contruction of structures capable of harnessing the energy of stars.

11,026 SSC

The Great Core, the foundations of a Dyson Sphere is christened in the Ross 619 star system.

12,387 SSC

The Sol Republic is formed on The Great Core as the first Senate convenes.

Ross 619 is renamed  Core System'.

16,934 SSC

FTL communication is developed and perfected and it quickly spreads throughout the Republic.

Millennia of peace and expansion follows.

17,453 SSC

Temporal Science first predicts an event occurring on the great core.

17,924 SSC

The Outer Rim Envoy is dispatched to The Great Core to call for equality in energy distribution. On it's return voyage the envoy mysteriously disappears.

19,832 SSC

The Outer Rim factions unite and declare war on the Sol Republic.

The Thousand Year War begins.

20,732 SSC

Naigah calls for humanity to find the "truth in the universe" for the answers to mankind.

Gomi Kacylis is born.

20,754 SSC

Naigah confirms earlier predictions of a future mass solar event at The Core.

20,860 SSC

The Disaffected, lead by The House of Kacylis leave the Sol Republic as the First Exodus begins.

20,871 SSC

Naigah is assassinated.

20,905 SSC

Energy output increases as the population of the republic drops significantly with the First Exodus.

The Thousand Years War continues, though in smaller engagements.

Humanity is now a Type II Civilisation

20,943 SSC

The Tetra Naga is signed by all warring parties officially ending the Thousand Years War.

The Disaffected wander throughout the galaxy for thousands of years.

23,673 SSC

In a period known as the Great Wondering, the first 'footprints' of the Narhall, an ancient none coporial alien are discovered between the Galactic arms of Orion and Perseus by the Disaffected

28,003 SSC

Construction of a new Dyson Sphere begins on a star in Perseus Arm by the settlers of the Disaffected.

29,102 SSC

The Sovereign Territories of The House of Kacylis are formed from the decentents of the Disaffected.

The new Core, 'Naigah' is christened.

Wayfarers, a transphysical human society split from the House of Kacylis

29,790 SSC

Arnokur conflicts begin as the House of Kacylis suffer an attempted coup d'etat by the House of Ryan.

The Kushauwan space navy is formed to deal with the treat.

29,890 SSC

The Light Sphere Virtuality is born.

The definition of humanity widens.

A Trillion Humans now exist.

29,960 SSC

Arnokur conflicts end as the House of Ryan are Expelled from the Sovereign Territories of Kacylis.

30,561 SSC

The woman later to be known as 'Wink' was born.

30,573 SSC

The Arkaedian Syndicate is formedwithin the Light Sphere Virtuality

Radical elements within the syndicate fund the development and construction of a Resonator

30,575 SSC

The Virtualised Arkaedian Syndicate claiming overwhelming support from it's people and thus a democratic right, demand the expulsion of a competitor from the Senate.

Radical elements within the Virtualised Arkaedian Syndicate plot to produce a mass solar event at the The Great Core if Arkaedian Syndicate authority was not recognised.

30,584 SSC

With their demands falling on deaf ears, Radicals within Arkaedian Syndicate detonate the Resonator amidst a frantic battle, leaving The Great Core in ruins.

The Sol Republic burns in conflict and rage.

30,599 SSC

The remnants of the Arkaedian Syndicate and it's supporters flee the Sol Republic amidst genocide in the Second Exodus.

33,225 SSC

The Arkaedian Syndicate discovers the Foundation System.

33,228 SSC

The Dian-Dos social revolution begins.

33,312 SSC

The Hive Aliens, the first coporial sentient life forms are discovered by Arkaedians on 'Hive

33,352 SSC

Arkaedians end attempts of communication with Hive Aliens, implements none interferance protocols with the race.

33,382 SSC

An Arkaedian Core begins construction in the Foundation System.

34,117 SSC

The Dian-Dos Revolution culminates in the formation of the Arkaedos Federation.

The Yakomian Naga part peace treaty with the Sol republic, part constitution is created.

The New core is christened The Ark.

36,712 SSC

The Citadel Conflict in the House of Kacylis begins.

36,779 SSC

The Citadel Conflict ends.

De-militarisation of the Soverign Territories begins as the Magniacapra moves beyond the green line.

40,127 SSC

The Nlaide are formed.

40,319 SSC

Humans now surpass machines in piloting capablities thanks to the the development of F-Link technology.

48,423 SSC

Siege of Dargfore occurs in the Arkaedos Federation.

48,727 SSC

Ra Alhazerad is born.

48,846 SSC

The first of the RAID Conflicts begins in Arkaedian Territories

48,914 SSC

RAID break away from the Arkaedos Federation.

49,012 SSC

The Gabel break away from the House of Kacylis.

49,183 SSC

Surveyors from the Muutani Foundation find members of the Logos Collective during a routine system sweep of the red line, resulting in the first contact between the Arkaedos Federation and the House of Kacylis.

Diplomatic contact begins between The Arkaedos Federation and The House of Kacylis with the extension of the Yakomian Naga.

48,914 SSC

First sign of re-militarisation of the Sovereign Territories with the development of Dreadnoughts.

49,433 SSC

First allegations of a breach in the Yakomian Naga, with the Arkaedos Federation passing a vote of no confidence in theTemporal Strategies none proliferation treaty with the House of Kacylis.

49,537 SSC

The Logos Collective is indicted on charges of illegal trade activities against The House of Kacylis.

49,538 SSC

The Logos Collective is acquitted of all charges.

Tensions between the House of Kacylis and Arkaedos Federation increase.

49,986 SSC

The Nlaide become the official navy of The Arkaedos Federation

50,021 SSC</p>

Wayfarers reestablish contact with humanity.

Average Human life expectancy approaches two thousand years.

50,089 SSC

Jadra Kaine is born.

51,100 SSC

Kushauwan Navy begin development of sentinel class capitalships.

51,105 SSC

Present Day

The Hypercolour virus was deployed for the first and only time during Canton, millions die.

The K-Dos War, known also as the 'Last Human War' begins.

Edited - fixed minor errors, added info on aliens and special characters.

Children of Sol FAQ

Advanced Children of Sol FAQ

Thanks for watching.:)

___________Transmission Ends.
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TheRaptorPen Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Isn't the Dyson sphere a vaccume cleaner?
Shorjok Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A Dyson Sphere is a hypothesised form of energy farming in the form of a truly gigantic hollow sphere constructed around a star to harvest its energy.
Augui Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011
Sounds like an awesome timeline. You could make a vast range of chronicles about it! Also like the idea of humans living for 2000 years
siriusblack711 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
I love it. Awe-spiring
DarkestAdrenaline Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You've inpsired me to write a book about this time line, such a detailed time line and the pictures with the folder are brilliant aswell, keep at it :D
GeneralC Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010  Student Digital Artist
wow, fascinating, a breathtaking view of a fictional future. i love this piece
skitsoverburn Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010
Civilization :)
Primate-Ape Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010
Dude, I just went to both of your links and I have to save I'm impressed with your endevors to make a fully realized universe. I must also say I respect how your trying to make a actual franchise, it' not often you get to see the making one of these. Great work man!!!
CyMek Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
Just a heads-up, the mformethod site is reported as an attack page by both google and firefox. I've been there before and I know it is legit, but the fact that both google and firefox have it flagged probably lowers the traffic to your site considerably; it might be a good idea to contact them.
supersampled Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010  Professional Filmographer
Just received this message from google:

"Status of the latest badware review for this site: A review for this site has finished. The site was found clean. The badware warnings from web search are being removed. Please note that it can take some time for this change to propagate."
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